Kumary House and the girls Poon-Hill Cheppe and Kumar


As usual, good time has an end and I had to come back home. Friends, family and ... my job were waiting for me (just about!). I couldn't spend more time there but I really wanted to give. Strange feeling I wasn't much used to I have to admit...

I told Tony I wanted to do a little something and what a better thing to do than support one of these little girl. Thing is, Tony is a successful person and after a couple of months, he managed to set up an organization with connections all over Europe. Don't get too excited, it is not big but let's say he gets enough support to have this charity running, which is such a great success on its own. This is to say that Tony actually turned down my support and proposed to redirect it to another charity Pomme-Cannelle.

Herve and Tony met in Katmandu and found out they were doing very similar work at the difference that Herve's charity takes care of young boys who have difficulties to integrate in the society. Double challenge here! Poon-Hill is a flat where the kids sleep rather than in the street. They get a family-like life style with constraints and support which aims to give them a structure and therefore better chances for future. They are also offered education or training. Poon-Hill is the name of a village at 1-hour drive from Katmandu which offers one of the best view of the Himalayan chain in the morning. Poon-Hill house is part of the Pomme-Cannelle charity.

This is how I got involved in charity myself. I am now supporting 2 kids, Cheppe and Kumar. There are many others who need help. Herve and his friends do a great job. Giving money is not as fantastic... but it helps.

Moreover, it may seem a bit dodgy to give to such small charities because they are less known, but bare in mind that:

In 2005 Lesley has spent 5 months working in Katmandu in various shelters of the charity. Herve is also spending a sabatical year onsite. Manu is financially supporting a couple of kids of the orphanage.

Visit the Pomme-Cannelle or Poon-Hill web sites.

Meet Cheppe and Kumar by clicking here.